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A Love Story: Celebrating Nick and Kelly's Blended Family Wedding at BLDG17

In the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, on a warm August day sprinkled with rain, Nick and Kelly celebrated a monumental chapter in their lives, tying the knot surrounded by their six children, family, and friends. Their journey began in December 2023 when the search for a venue that could accommodate Nick and Kelly's needs started. After exploring various options, BLDG17 emerged as the perfect blank canvas—a space where they could craft an event as unique and dynamic as their family.

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

The festivities commenced on Friday night at Hi and Dry in Tremont, where immediate family and friends gathered for an evening of bowling and joy. This casual get-together set the tone for the weekend, emphasizing fun and familial bonds.

The Big Day

The wedding day itself was nothing short of spectacular. Despite occasional rain & humidity, nothing could dampen the spirits of the day. As guests arrived at BLDG17, they were welcomed by a striking road sign on wheels, complete with a massive lighting arrow, pointing them to the start of this unforgettable journey.

Each attendee was gifted a custom t-shirt merging the Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Browns themes, courtesy of Fremont Athletic Supply and designer Juan. These shirts not only celebrated Nick and Kelly's shared love for their favorite teams but also served as fun attire for the reception party.

A Ceremony to Remember

Inside BLDG17, a freight elevator decked out with a champagne cart, lounge seating and specialty cocktails from Spice Catering whisked guests up to the ceremony space. The area was beautifully transformed by POMP's elegant draping, candles, and lush greenery provided by 212 Event Planning, with sunlight peeking through the warehouse windows, creating a magical ambiance.

Following the heartfelt "I do's," guests moved to a cocktail hour featuring delectable offerings from Spice Catering, allowing everyone to mingle and celebrate the newlyweds. Instead of a traditional sit-down dinner, the reception featured various food stations that showcased a mix of Asian flavors and classic Cleveland dishes, ensuring guests were well-fed and ready for a night of dancing.

An Evening of Endless Joy

As the evening progressed, the space was alive with energy under cafe bistro lights and romantic draping with accents of lounge furniture from POMP. The Bluewater Kings band filled the venue with music that had everyone on their feet dancing. Late-night bites of tots and sliders were served, perfect for keeping the party going strong.

Captured Moments

Throughout the day, Justin Gamble Photography captured stunning images, immortalizing the joy and unique touches of Nick and Kelly’s special day. These photos are a testament to the love, fun, and distinctive style that defined their wedding.

A Night to Remember

Nick and Kelly’s wedding was not just a celebration of their union, but also a declaration of their family coming together as one. The venue, BLDG17, with its industrial charm provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. The romance at each table was named after a favorite place; they then placed their favorite people at the table, a twist on the traditional seating chart and numbers “Our Favorite People, Our Favorite Places”. The perfect romantic ambiance was the hundreds of candles to help keep the space warm and loved. The combination of casual, fun pre-wedding activities and the sophisticated, joyous wedding day celebrations reflected the couple's unique story and their journey together.

Nick and Kelly's wedding was more than just a day to remember; it was a heartfelt celebration of blending lives and families. Their story is an inspiring blueprint for couples who are embarking on a similar journey of uniting families. It shows that with creativity, love, and a focus on what truly matters, it’s possible to create a wedding experience that beautifully mirrors the unique blend of lives coming together.

As we look back on their special day, we're reminded of the power of love, family, and the magic that happens when we celebrate together. At our wedding business, we are inspired by Nick and Kelly’s journey and are eager to help more couples create their perfect day filled with personalized touches and cherished moments.

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