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The Ultimate Wedding & Event Day Emergency Kit

Every memorable event comes with its share of surprises. While some add charm, others could potentially disrupt even the most meticulously planned ceremony. In the dynamic world of wedding and event planning, preparedness is key, and one standout feature of a highly skilled planner is their Emergency Day Suitcase. This well-stocked kit not only showcases the planner’s foresight but also their commitment to ensuring every aspect of the day unfolds without a hitch.

What is an Emergency Day Suitcase?

An Emergency Day Suitcase is akin to a magical chest, filled to the brim with essentials tailored to address any unforeseen mishaps during an event. From wardrobe malfunctions to minor medical needs or sudden weather changes, this suitcase is equipped to handle everything, ensuring minor issues don’t escalate into major disruptions. This proactive approach is a significant perk that highlights a planner’s expertise and dedication to their clients' peace of mind.

Detailed Breakdown of Essential Items

The contents of an Emergency Day Suitcase are carefully chosen based on the specifics of the event and the needs of the client. Here's a more detailed look at what such a suitcase typically contains:

Fashion Fixers

   - Double-sided fashion tape for quick fixes on hems or plunging necklines.

   - Safety pins in various sizes, a mini sewing kit complete with color-matched threads, needles, and buttons.

   - Scissors for trimming loose threads, and clear nail polish to stop runs in stockings.

Health and Comfort Essentials

   - A selection of pain relievers, including options for headaches, muscle pains, and menstrual cramps.

   - Antacid tablets, allergy medication, and a compact ice pack.

   - Band-aids, antiseptic wipes, blister plasters, and a small first aid kit for unexpected injuries.

Beauty and Grooming Kit

   - Miniature hair spray, dry shampoo, and a variety of bobby pins and hair ties.

   - Compact mirrors, tweezers, and makeup essentials for touch-ups.

   - Blotting papers to reduce shine and keep makeup fresh.

Hygiene Helpers

   - Toothbrush and toothpaste kits, dental floss, and mouthwash.

   - Hand sanitizer, deodorant wipes, and body spray.

   - Feminine hygiene products for emergency needs.

Weather-Ready Gear

   - Compact umbrellas, clear ponchos, and extra pairs of socks.

   - Hand warmers for chilly conditions and a small, battery-operated fan for warmer locales.

Technical and Miscellaneous Tools

   - Extra batteries, multi-device chargers, portable chargers, and extension cords.

   - Super glue for unexpected repairs and a multipurpose tool.

   - Notepad and pens for last-minute changes or notes.

   - Flashlights to manage various logistical hiccups

Refreshment Supplies

   - Bottled water, electrolyte packets, and a selection of non-perishable snacks.

   - Straws to avoid messing up lipstick and small disposable plates for easy access to snacks.

The Strategic Advantage

Carrying such an extensive array of items—often 80+ items—allows a wedding/event planner to solve problems swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the event's seamless progression. This readiness not only relieves the couple and their families from stress but also significantly enhances the guest experience, reinforcing the value of professional planning services.

Real-Life Success Stories

The Forgotten Garter

Just as we were about to start the reception, the bride realized she’d forgotten her garter. Luckily, our Emergency Day Suitcase included a few stylish spare garters. We saved the day in a pinch, and the bride could enjoy her special moment without stress

The Last-Minute Toast

When the father of the bride's battery died on his phone, which had his heartfelt speech saved on it, our Emergency Day Suitcase came to the rescue with a portable charger and cord. Within minutes, his phone was powered up, and he delivered a speech that left not a single dry eye in the house

The Scuffed Shoe

During a wedding ceremony, the groom noticed a significant scuff on his shoe just as he was about to walk down the aisle. Our Emergency Day Suitcase included a shoe polish kit. We quickly buffed the scuff away, and his shoes looked impeccable as he stood waiting for his bride, ensuring the photos were flawless

The Sudden Illness

During a corporate retreat, an attendee suddenly felt very ill due to heat exhaustion. Our Emergency Day Suitcase contained electrolyte packets and a portable fan. We quickly provided relief, allowing the attendee to recover comfortably onsite without needing to leave the event prematurely


The Emergency Day Suitcase is not just a collection of items; it’s a hallmark of a planner's professionalism and their proactive approach to event management. By choosing a planner equipped with such a kit, couples & clients ensure that their event is not just managed but cared for with the highest attention to detail. At our 212º Event Planning, we consider this suitcase an essential part of our toolkit, helping us guarantee that your celebration is as perfect and stress-free as you’ve envisioned.

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