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Who We Are

A Love and Passion for Events

212º Event Planning was created in 2022 alongside COVID-19. Mandy and her husband, Mike, lost their jobs in 2020. As their world was turned upside down they decided to take their love and devotion to start Kitchen 212º Food Truck & Catering. The amount of success and support was more than either of them could have dreamed of, Mandy, Mike, and Kitchen 212º were eager and excited too expand another degree. They are thrilled to see Kitchen 212º continue to grow. Be sure to check out Kitchen 212º https://www.kitchen212.com/ 

 212º Event Planning is committed to creating memorable and creative experiences for our clients and their guests. Mandy's passion and background help clients mold their dreams into reality. From weddings, galas, corporate events and everything in between, no matter the size of the event, Mandy, Mike and Kitchen 212º carry their hearts in every detail. 212º Event Planning strives to meet and exceed the needs of everyone involved, creating memories that last long after guests leave.

Wedding Table Arrangement
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