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Real Wedding Story: Gina & Keegan's Elegant Rustic Wedding at Case Barlow Farm

On a gorgeous fall Saturday, the charming story of Gina and Keegan's wedding unfolded at the historic Case Barlow Farm, setting a new benchmark in wedding elegance mixed with heartfelt traditions. The day began in the most serene way possible, with yoga on the lush lawn of the venue, offering a tranquil start for Gina and her favorite humans.

Morning Calm and Preparation

As the morning sun warmed the earth, Mandy and our dedicated team from 212 Event Planners arrived early to transform the venue into a picturesque setting. Case Barlow, known for its large historic barn and scenic surroundings, was the perfect canvas for a rustic yet sophisticated wedding. The barn's large sliding doors set the stage for the reception, while a tent on the green lawn was prepared for dancing under the stars. Adding to the festivities, the "Little Boozy Bar" mobile trailer served refreshing drinks as guests enjoyed the melodies from a live band led by Patrick, who had a personal connection with Gina, having played at her graduation party.

Ceremony and Special Moments

The ceremony took place at the beautiful St. Mary’s Church, providing a solemn and traditional start to the celebrations. After exchanging vows, the reception at Case Barlow was filled with personal touches and unforgettable moments. Gina's brother, Danny, gave a heart-touching performance on the guitar during the father-daughter dance to "Sweet Child of Mine," where Gina and her dad sang along, creating a joyful and memorable scene.

Dining and Decor

The culinary experience, orchestrated by Amanda from Taste of Excellence, was nothing short of spectacular. Guests were treated to a lavish menu featuring entrees like short ribs, Brie chicken, and chicken pizzaiolo, accompanied by appetizers such as meatballs, new potatoes with cheese and chives, honey BBQ meatballs, and stuffed mushrooms. The evening was also sweetened by desserts from Chef Gina's Bake Shoppe and a gorgeous cake created by Joanna (Gina’s friend), enhancing the feast with delightful treats. Joanna also created customized Regina and Keegan cookies for each guest to take home and enjoy.

The decor in the barn was a vision of rustic elegance, with beautiful flowers arranged in gold bud vases and tea lights that added a soft glow to the environment. Leaf and Bloom also created a lovely tablescape full of elegant greens for an added touch. An outdoor photo op space was creatively set up with vintage furniture, a rug, and a custom "Goeke" sign, making it a favorite spot for capturing memories.

Evening Fun and Farewells

As the night progressed, the late-night fry bar became the highlight, courtesy of Taste of Excellence, allowing guests to indulge in a tasty snack on a beautiful fall evening. The patio turned into a dance floor, where everyone from the youngest to the oldest guest found their rhythm and celebrated Gina and Keegan's new beginning.

Gina and Keegan’s wedding was not just a display of love and commitment but also a testament to how personalized touches can transform a wedding into a unique celebration of family, friendship, and new beginnings. At 212º Event Planning, we were honored to help bring this fairytale wedding to life, ensuring that every detail was nothing short of perfection and helping you take it the extra degree.

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